Here you can read the opinions and comments of some people who have chosen Events Angels for their wedding, organizing their wedding in Tuscany and throughout Italy. Thanks to all those in love, Italian and abroad who chose to share with us their joy, and the emotions of their dreams. A huge hug to all!

Getting married in Italia! by Julia & Anthony 11-04-2012
I am a highly organized person, and in the beginning I imagined I would organize my own wedding. In ordinary circumstances I would not have considered hiring a wedding planner. However I felt it was absolutely necessary since I had decided to get married in Italy! I had to have a wedding planner who could help me……

I chose Events Angels because it offered me lots of options in location and because it was the only one which didn’t pressure me to to sign a contract immediately. In a few days I had received an expense plan which was useful because it gave me a more clear idea! It was my first wedding so I had no experience, I added on the things I felt were important and took off the extras so that I fit into the budget I had established for my wedding.

Lisa earned my trust over time and guided me through the difficult decisions with excellent advice. I thought I was organized, but she was always a step ahead of me. Mi sono dovuta ricredere. At the beginning I prepared lists of the things to ask about the locationsand the suppliers, but more into the progect, talking with Lisa, I realized I was overlooking impotant details like how to hook up the speakers for the DJ. So I had to take a step back and realize that Events Angels was far more prepared than myself. On the other hand if I am not a professional wedding planner, there is a reason for that.

She was always there to support me and to find solutions to what I wanted to achieve. I always pushed her to the limit, often beyond. I’m aware that I was something of a shrew! However I want to thank her for all she did for us! I understand how important she was in making the most important day of my life very special.

Thanks a million for everything!

Wedding in the vineyards of Tuscany by Mary & Walter – 16/07/2011

We fell in love the first time we met, and in just a few months we decided to get married as soon as possible. We wanted a dream destination! We considered several locations, but in the end we decided on Tuscany, Florence. We rented a Villa in the countryside to spend a vacation with our closest friends and family.

I was completely lost from the beginning, so many things to think about and I had no idea where to begin. So I decided to look for a wedding planner who could help us organize and manage everything.
After weeks of looking I found a great comment from a couple who had got married with Events Angels. I had already spoken with other wedding planners, but right from the first I had the sensation that they understood exactly what we wanted and were looking for!

I wanted a simple and relaxed wedding, I have a high powered job which is stressful and I wanted to avoid all that organizing my wedding. In the past I’d seen friends arrive at the wedding date exhausted. I got to the big day excited and relaxed. I had chosen what I wanted without the worry.

I wish to express my extreme gratitude to Lisa and the staff fo Events Angels who took care of the wedding and many other things: reservations, activities, transfers, baby sitters and a dog sitter! I highly reccomend the group at Evnets Angels, I don’t think the wedding would have been all it was without them!


P.S. I advise a wedding in Italy if you love good wine and food, and especially Tuscany !

Perfect wedding in Florence by Aya & Richard – 24/09/2011

Our decision to get married in Italy was completely by chance. I am originally from Japan, and my husband is British. When we became engaged at the beginning of last year we both knew we wanted to celebrate our wedding in Tokyo, the city where we met and fell in love seven years ago.

Thus when we visited Tokyo on a weekend in March and found a great location, we were ready to start negotiating for prices – but the earthquake on 3 November hit that city. Uncertain as to what the situation would be on the day of our wedding, we decided not to get married in Tokyo, and we had to start from scratch.

I found Events Angels when we decided to concentrate our research in Europe. Most of our guests were from Europe, others from the USA and Japan, so it was logical to chose a location that was easy to reach for everyone. We had been in Italy the year before and loved it. We wanted a wedding at the end of September, and I was attracted to the sun and warm weather, eliminating the UK from our list. I perceived that organizing the wedding from New York, in a foreign language, would have been hard work, so I realized immediately that we needed a Wedding Planner.

I had a look on internet and found 5 wedding planners. After some emails and calls on Skype with everyone I finally found the perfect wedding planner.

In the month of May I decided to fly from New York to Florence to visit 5 or 6 locations. Before I knew it I was on the plane for Italy (my husband was busy at work) where I spent the next 3 days looking at one place after another, wine tasting, menu trials, hair dressing trials.

I knew that the location we had visited the second day was the right one from the moment we pulled up into the parking lot. It had been under restoration for four years and had just reopened in 2011. This place was far and away the most beautiful Villa I had ever seen – luxurious, new, contemporary and classic, cared for in every detail, the service was excellent, the food, the wine all exquisite. It was on a hilltop in the countryside, yet only 10 min by car from the city, so I knew this would be very nice for my guests who flew in from all over the world. My best friend who had come with me to Italy said she saw sparkles in my eyes as soon as we walked into the Villa: This was the place!

The end of September soon arrived. Our wedding was small and initimate with only 35 people. We had guest from 8 different nationalities arriving on flights from 7 different countries, really an international wedding!  Our primary objective was to pass as much time as possible with our family and friends not just the day of the wedding. The staff at Events Angels helped me organize the family dinner, coordinated a wine tour and a cocktail party the evening before the wedding.

The day of the wedding was absolutely incredible. No problems, no hitches, everything punctual, everything went exactly as it should and we were all thrilled. We were fortunate with the weather, warm sunny and dry, just like summer.

The ceremony took place at 4:00 in the garden of the Villa with a quartet playing. My best friend’s Mother sang Ave Maria beautifully and our neice tossed flower petals and origami along the aile. After the ceremony the guests were guided towards the terrace overlooking a 360° panorama of Florence!

Food and wine during the reception were perfect. The guests danced and drank a good deal. It all lasted until about 3 in the morning when we ended up in the pool! It was a fantastic day.

After the wedding Lisa put together a video clip which she was going to use for publicity but made a gift of to us. It was so well done and professional – with music and poetry in the background!

We are truly grateful for the work they did. We could not have asked for a better wedding planner – they offered a personalized service, they were attentive and did everything possible to make the day perfect for us.

If anyone were interested in getting married in Florence, I recommend Events Angels!  !

With affection, Aya.

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