Wedding planning

Choose to plan a wedding with a wedding planner means trusting to a professional who will guide you step by step to organize the ceremony and the wedding reception of your dreams, avoiding unnecessary waste of time, money and mental and physical energy.

The wedding planner Lisa and her staff will help you design the theme and style of the wedding, to choose the location, plan schedule and deadlines, to find and coordinate services, products, and accessories, to organize and manage dining and entertainment on the day of the event.

All with a proven method of wedding planning that has already satisfied all the lovers who have chosen to get married Events Angels. You will have plenty of choice of services and location. Events Angels manages many location for the wedding, both in Tuscany and throughout Italy, each with specific characteristics for the area, type, style and number of guests that can accommodate. You also offers wedding planning targeted and customizable for invitations, exhibitions, accomodations, catering, entertainment and much more.

Wish to know more? See FAQ page on how to organize a wedding with a wedding planner, or contact directly Events Angels to receive information and quotes for planning the wedding.