It makes me feel alive seeing the bride with a tear that wets her smile

Welcome to our site! I’m Lisa and I’m truly pleased to meet you.
Allow me to introduce myself in a few lines, I’d be happy to talk with you about myself and my work organizing weddings and events in Tuscany and Italy.

An overwhelming passion
I was born and raised in my beloved Tuscany, in Florence. When? I close my eyes and see myself as a little girl organizing birthdays and surprise parties for myself and for friends. An overwhelming passion. Perhpaps even greater than the unlimited patience of my parents and family trying to slow me down.
I saw them sigh when, older, I undertook the road of professional training which was to carry me towards the creation of Events Angels: a whirlwind of theory, workshops, trips abroad and trade fairs that still continues today.

In my life I’ve fallen in love a thousand times.
I’ve fallen in love with design for the way in which it adds a touch of unexpected elegance even to the smallest things. I’ve fallen in love with the blue of the sea and the quiet of the mountains. I’ve fallen in love with my land and that small corner of the countryside lost in the Tuscan countryside where I retreat to think and create. I fall in love every time I discover a new piece of paradise in our splendid Italy.

Brains, soul, and heart
Today those who know me the best define me as creative, eclectic, direct and tenacious.
It must be because I only want to be myself, and to put brians, soul and heart into my work: if there is anything that makes me feel alive, it is the sight of the bride with a tear that wets her smile.