Are you curious about how to organize a wedding, a ceremony, or a company meeting in Italy? Read the list of questions and answers that we receive most frequently concerning how Events Angels works.

Why choose Events Angels to organize a wedding in Italy?

Because the day of the event sill me memorable and perfect, without stress and anxiety oppressing the serenity that every bride and groom has a right to feel on the day of their wedding.

Because Events Angels will help you organize the wedding optimizing timing and costs with creative ideas and practical solutions that would be difficult to come by without a wedding planner, managing, and setting up the day of the wedding in Italy.

What do you do?

We do everything that is necessary to organize a wedding, a ceremony, or company event (convention, meeting) finding the location, managing the budget and suppliers, food service, the ideas behind the event, timing, management of the ceremony (meeting guests entertainment and extras included). 

Where are your locations in Italy? In what area do you operate?

Events Angels organizes weddings and company events both in Tuscany and in all of Italy. It manages locations for weddings and receptions of various types at the seaside, countryside, in the hills or mountains. In Tuscany for example, Events Angels proposes locations for weddings in all areas of the region including Chianti, Maremma, Versilia, Val d’Elsa, Val d’Orcia, Mugello and Garfagnana. 

What sort of locations do you offer for weddings and events? 

The choice of location is of fundamental importance to the success of the wedding. On the basis of the type of wedding you want to organize, Events Angels will advise you and help find the best location for you. You can choose from among many types of locations, villas on the seaside, villas in the mountains, historic houses, palaces, castles, country houses, farms, restaurants and many other options. In the section locations you can look at the photos and descriptions of each single location available for weddings and company events both in Tuscany and all throughout Italy. 

Do you also manage guests and foreign guests?

Certainly. It is not so rare that a wedding ceremony or a company meeting should be attended by a large group of foreign guests. In this case Events Angels organizes, plans, and manages the trips, the welcoming and the stay of the guests from abroad, and if necessary it find s hostesses to interpret. 

Who are your clients?

Most of our clients are couples who want to organize their wedding or wedding anniversary. In the business field, our clients are companies or professionals who want to organize a meeting or convention to present a product or service or who want to organize a ceremony or recurrence of the company.

If the event is already partly organized and is just missing a few connections such as the restaurants, the locations etc. can you still be of help?

Yes. Events Angels will take care of weddings and meetings as a full package and in part.

Is it expensive?

One of the primary objectives organizing events is the optimization of costs: Events Angels works to offer you advantageous opportunities that without specific experience in the field and commercial agreements with partners and suppliers in the field, would be almost impossible to obtain.

After our first call or mail, when will I receive your proposal?

Contacts by telephone or email are useful in understanding the general idea of the event and the basic requirements to organize it. Events Angels, however advises a personal meeting so that we can really formulate objectives, taste, and expectations upon which the organization of the event will depend. A few days later you will receive from Events Angels a proposal for the complete event from concept to theme, budget, ideas and planning based on our prior discussion.

If your proposal for the event does not satisfy me?

No problem. Events Angels is not interested in organizing events that are not satisfying for the couple or the management. Any proposal can be modified or adapted until you are completely satisfied.

Will the organization of the wedding or event take much time?

No, because one of the main objectives of a wedding planner and event organizer is to save on time, stress, and worry for the client. Event Angels will help you optimize and manage time and energy so that you are not required to alter your routine or the focus you would ordinarily need for work or family.

If you have not found the answer that you were looking for, or you would like more detailed information about a location, complete the form for an estimate request to organize a wedding in Italy. Lisa will answer in the shortest possible time. Thank you.