A triumph of emotions that strikes the heart

Concerning Events Angels one could simply say that they have been organizing weddings and other personal events for years in Tuscany and Italy. Perhaps, however, that does not render the idea.

Imagine that you are in the center of the most beautiful room in the castle.
Eyes closed.
Your heart light and mind free.
Quiet surrounds you.

In the distance an almost imperceptible chord from a harp.
Now one from a piano.
Then nothing.


Suddenly a note from a violin awakens and scampers after both.
Then the harp again, the piano, the violin: the notes touch and embrace,
Flying high in a triumph of emotions they strike the heart.

Symphony of creativity, good taste and harmony
This is the true Events Angels: a symphony of creativity, good taste and harmony. Together with Lisa, wedding planner and event organizer coordinating the group, there are chefs, photographers, make-up stylists, personal shoppers, baby sitters, hostesses and entertainers.
When you think about Events Angels imagine yourself at the center of an orchestra that is playing with enthusiasm and discretion the most beautiful notes of a love story.