Organizing company events

Company events have for some time entered into the yearly planning of major brands and companies. A company event that is well organized works in three ways: communication, promotion, and team building.
The event becomes communication. What better occasion to focus on target, on company history, or the distinctive values and ideas of the company?

The promotional factor plays an important role: the company event is a perfect stage to launch products and services on the market, reveal new technology or announce a partnership.
Often team building initiatives find little space within the daily routine of the company, especially for lack of time and the difficulty in coordinating it with the average workflow.

During a company event, professionals, employees, collaborators, partners, suppliers etc. can feel more alive to the spirit of the group, they can get to know each other better, exchange information, and share information and ideas in a more informal, less frenetic atmosphere.

To organize a company event it is not necessary to be a multi national with 100years of experience in the market. Even small companies can obtain visibility prestige and consensus from a gala or meeting.

Events Angels organizes company events calibrated to objectives, targets, a budget or image of a company, creating the concept of the event, programming the timing, managing the budget and coordinating all phases: location, logistics, decoration, reception, food service, and entertainment.

These are typical gatherings that Events Angels can help organize in Tuscany and the rest of Italy:

• Company dinner
• Brunch and cocktails
• Product launch
• Seminars, conventions meetings
• Inaugurations
• Anniversaries
• Workshop